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Condenser Tube Cleaners

Electric Tube Cleaners

In condenser tube cleaners, tube cleaning equipments, condenser tube cleaning, electric tube cleaners and pneumatic tube cleaners, the brushes or other cleaning tools are rotated through a tube at tip of flexible shaft. Simultaneously water gets injected, hence loosen deposits leaving tubes cleaned. Flexible shafts ensure use in bent tubes.

All models like condenser tube cleaners, electric tube cleaners, pneumatic tube cleaners are consist of tool storage box, single direction foot switch, mobile dolly.

2 direction foot switch is optional.

All units are available with following specifications :
• 115 v 60 Hz, 115 v 50 Hz - 9 Amps
• 220 v 60 Hz, 220 v 50 Hz - 4.5 Amps
• While ordering, please mention electric specifications.

Model No Motor Tube ID Speed RPM
HP. kw Inch Mm.
BPC-2 0.50 0.40 1/4 -1 6.4 - 25.4 870
BPC-3 0.75 0.60 1/4 -1 6.4 - 25.4 870
BPC-4 1.00 0.75 1 & up 25.4 & up 1740
BPC-5 2.00 1.50 1 & up 25.4 & up 1740

Portable Electrical Tube Cleaners

Portable Electrical Tube Cleaners
BPC- P is a portable machine which can be carried by technician on the move. Flexible shaft rotates at speed of 1740 rpm and water gets injected simultaneously through the nylon casing to the cleaning tool. As the tool removes the deposits, the water flow flushes them out. A solenoid valve ensures that water flows only when machine is running..

All units are available with following specifications :
• 115 v 60 Hz, 115 v 50 Hz - 9 Amps
• 220 v 60 Hz, 220 v 50 Hz - 4.5 Amps
• While ordering, please mention electric specifications.

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Chiller Tube Cleaning Equipments

Portable Electrical Tube Cleaners
Model No. BPC3-45 chiller tube cleaning system uses a 3/4 HP motor for tougher deposits. A 2 directions foot switch is provided for cleaning internally enhanced tubes.

* BPC-3 Tube cleaners-1
* NFSC-703-45 Flexible Shafts-2
* Nylon Brush (Specify Size)- 25
* Two Direction Foot Switch-1
* Repairing kit for flexible shaft NFSC-703 consisting of 4 drive couplings, 4 tool end couplings, 1 crimping tool with punch, 1 flexible shafts lubricator, & 2 bottles of lubricant Tubes.

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Pneumatic Tube Cleaners

Pneumatic Tube Cleaners

Features :
* Shock Resistant - Excellent for applications where using electric equipment is hazardous.
* Speed/Torque control - Shaft rotation can be set at optimum speed for each application.
* Versatile - Interchangeability of different size flexible shafts and cleaning tools.
* No Tooling - Quick disconnect for flexible shaft.
* Easy maneuverability - Large Wheels.
* Cleanliness - Foot pedal for operator convenience to activate shaft rotation and water flow to reduced water consumption and cleaner working area.
* Time Saving - Simultaneous water flush to remove deposits from tubes

Tube ID Range Tube Cleaner Model No. Motor Power Motor Speed RPM Weight Dimensions
Mm. Inch HP KW Lbs. Kg. High Wide Deep
6.4 & UP 1/4 & UP BPTC-400 4 3 0-3000 64 29 38" (975 mm) 22" (560 mm) 16" (406 mm)

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Tube Cleaning Accessories

Flexible Shafts

While ordering flexible shafts & accessories, each item should be ordered for specific tube/pipes size or size range.

Stainless steel inner core ensures our shafts have longest life, resistance to corrosion,

To order flexible shaft (s) determine tube l.d. & Length of longest tube (s). Order flexible shaft(s) to correspond with tube I. D.(s), & length. Please ask for special or longer length.

Tube ID Range Flexible Shaft Flexible shaft Length Nylon Casing O. D. Inner Core O. D. Tool End
Mm. Inch Model No. Feet Mtrs. Inch Mm Inch Mm Thread
6.4-9.5 1/4-3/8 NFSC-701-12 12 3.7 1/4 6.4 1/8 3.2 8-32 F
NFSC-701-25 25 7.6
NFSC-702-12 12 3.7
NFSC-702-17 17 5.2
11.1-12.7 7/16-1/2 NFSC-702-25 25 7.6 3/8 9.5 1/4 6.4 1/4-28 F
NFSC-702-35 35 10.7
NFSC-702-45 45 13.7
NFSC-703-12 12 3.7
NFSC-703-17 17 5.2
NFSC-703-25 25 7.6
14.3-25.4 9/16/1 NFSC-703-35 35 10.7 1/2 12.7 5/16 7.9 1/4-28 F
NFSC-703-45 45 13.7
NFSC-703-60 60 18.3
NFSC-703-75 75 22.9

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Hand Held Pneumatic Tube Cleaners

» Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaners

Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaners

Portable pneumatic tube cleaners used hollow air craft quality shaft of different diameters per tube I.D. to be cleaned which can be coupled together to form length of the tube to be cleaned.

Water flows through the hollow tube & flushes out deposits that are loosened by the cleaning tools attached to hollow shaft. Tools used for cleaning are carbide drills, for severely clogged tubes, brushes for light deposits & buffing tools for final polishing. The rotation of air motor & the water flow are controlled independently .

Model BC-20 is generally used for oil coolers, small heat exchanger and condensers.

Model BC-330 is generally used for large diameter tubes of process equipment condensers and heat exchangers.

Motor Power
Tube ID
Inch mm
Air Supply
Min. Max.
Water Supply
Min. Max.
BC-20 0.6 0.45 3/16-1 4.8-25.4 700 600psi@16cfm 90psi@40cfm 30psi 100psi 5.72 2.6
BC-330 1 0.746 7/8-2 22.2-51.0 1000 90psi@20cfm 90psi@40cfm 30psi 100psi 6.60 3.0

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» Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools For Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaners

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» Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaners Kits

Cleaning Tools
Kit consist of 1 drive (BC - 20 or BC - 330), 4 nos. of hollow drive shafts, 1 no. of hollow driven shafts, 5 nos. of shaft coupling, drive coupling based on length of tube to be cleaned and 20 cleaning tools (carbide drill, brushes, buffing tool).

All above tools will be supplied in a handy metal box.

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