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Tube Cleaning Equipment

We are a well established manufacturer of tube cleaning equipment, tube cleaning machine, dry tub cleaning equipment suitable for dry application & wet application. The different types of dry tube cleaning equipment that we offer includes wire brushes, tool head cutters, electrical tube cleaners and more. Precise, effective and cost-saving are the Tube Cleaning Equipment offered. The cleaning machine is easy to use & require little training / experience to operate.We supply variety of tube cleaning equipment, flexible shaft machine, tube cleaning machine, flexible shaft,flexible shaft tools, tube cleaners, flex shafts, flexible shafting equipment, flexible shafting machine etc.

Boiler Tube Cleaners

We are manufacturer and exporter of different types of boiler tube cleaners. The different types of boiler tube cleaners that we offer are flexible shaft machine of BFM and BFS Series.

» Flexible Shaft Machine (BFM Series)

Flexible Shaft Machine

It is a 3 phase electric motor (2800 rpm) mounted on 3 wheel trolley fitted with a carrying trolley and fitted with grooving tool. Horse power of motor is selected depending upon the length & size of shaft, and type of scaling. Push button starter is provided to control the motor. Each machine is fully wired, carefully tested & fitted with a 10 ft. Length (Or longer if required) PVC cable to main supply.

Motors are available in enclosed system as well as in open system (i.e. Without covering of above motor.

Please contact us if your electrical specification is different from below mentioned. Machine for alternate supply are also available.

Model No.
Motor Power
Electric Supply
Speed RPM
Tube I. D.
BFM -10
440 V
3 Phase
50 C/S A/C
15.87- 22.0
BFM -30
22.0- 38.10
BFM -50

NOTE: Flexible Shaft Machines are also available with closed system.

» 'Bharatflex' Flexible Shaft (BFS Series)

It is used for cleaning of tube by transmitting power in terms of rotation from the motor unit to tool head cutter or brush within tube.
Flexible Shaft Machine

Inner Core: It is flexible wire with multiple wound opposite layer. It is made of high tensile spring steel or stainless steel (as per requirement) and passed through heat treatment processes to make it absolutely vibration free.

Outer Casing: It is flexible, double interlocked, circular rounded, made of galvanized steel strip, Special spring steel lining is provided within outer casing to avoid any friction between inner core & outer casing.

Connection: One end of shaft with machine end socket is attached to suitable motor and other end is attached to tool end.

11.0 MM
13MM 15MM 19.0 MM
14.5 MM
19.0 MM
22.0 MM
24.0 MM
29.0 MM
33.0 MM
6.0 20.0 1 BFS-101-20 BFS-102-20 BFS-104-20 BFS-105-20 BFS-106-20 BFS-107-20
7.5 25.0 2 BFS-101-25 BFS-102-25 BFS-104-25 BFS-105-25 BFS-106-25 BFS-107-25
8.0 27.0 3 BFS-101-27 BFS-102-27 BFS-104-27 BFS-105-27 BFS-106-27 BFS-107-27
9.0 30.0 4 BFS-101-30 BFS-102-30 BFS-104-30 BFS-105-30 BFS-106-30 BFS-107-30
10.0 33.0 5 BFS-101-33 BFS-102-33 BFS-104-33 BFS-105-33 BFS-106-33 BFS-107-33
12.0 40.0 6 BFS-101-40 BFS-102-40 BFS-104-40 BFS-105-40 BFS-106-40 BFS-107-40
15.0 50.0 7 BFS-101-50 BFS-102-50 BFS-104-50 BFS-105-50 BFS-106-50 BFS-107-50
18.0 60.0 8 BFS-102-60 BFS-104-60 BFS-105-60 BFS-106-60 BFS-107-60
20.0 65.0 9 BFS-102-65 BFS-104-65 BFS-105-65 BFS-106-65 BFS-107-65
25.0 82.5 10 BFS-102-82 BFS-104-82 BFS-105-82 BFS-106-82 BFS-107-82
30.0 100.0 11 BFS-102-100 BFS-104-100 BFS-105-100 BFS-106-100 BFS-107-100
Spare Inner Core Per Meter BIC-102 BIC-104 BIC-105 BIC-106 BIC-107
Spare Outer Casing Per Meter BOC-102 BOC-104 BOC-105 BOC-106 BOC-107
Spare Hand Piece BHP-102 BHP-104 BHP-105 BHP-106 BHP-107

» Tool Head Cutters

CT Series Tool Head Cutters

Purpose: For rapid removal of hard scale.

Description: It has 15 cutter wheels (4 straight wheels, 4 left wheel, 4 right wheel & 3 bevel wheels). They are spring loaded & self expanding.

Size: For tube I. D. From 31mm to 53mm.

Serial No. Tube I. D. Tool Head Cutters Wheel
Set of 15 rollers
Spare Arms
Mm. Inch
1 31.7 1.1/4 CT-10 CTW-1 CTA-1
2 33.3 1.5/16 CT-10A CTW-1 CTA-1
3 35.0 1.3/8 CT-11 CTW-1 CTA-1
4 36.5 1.7/16 CT-11A CTW-1 CTA-1
5 38.1 1.1/2 CT-12 CTW-2 CTA-2
6 39.7 1.9/16 CT-12A CTW-2 CTA-2
7 41.3 1.5/8 CT-13 CTW-2 CTA-2
8 42.9 1.11/16 CT-13A CTW-2 CTA-2
9 44.5 1.3/4 CT-14 CTW-3 CTA-3
10 46.0 1.13/16 CT-14A CTW-3 CTA-3
11 47.6 1.7/8 CT-15 CTW-3 CTA-3
12 49.2 1.15/16 CT-15A CTW-3 CTA-3
13 51.0 2 CT-16 CTW-3 CTA-3

T Series Tool Head Cutters

Purpose: For cleaning straight and curved tubes as found in boiler, air heaters.

Description: This head cutter is provided with three wheels, one each of straight teeth, teeth cut right hand, teeth cut left hand for quicker cleaning and to prevent grooving of scale.

Size: Tube I. D. From 31mm to 102mm

NOTE: '2 Layer & 3 Layer tool head cutters also available in 'T' series cutters.

Serial No. Tube I. D. Tool Head Cutters Wheel
Set of 3 rollers
Spare Arms
Mm. Inch Model No. Model No. Model No.
1 31.7 1.1/4 T-10 TW-1 TA-1
2 35.0 1.3/8 T-11 TW-1 TA-1
3 38.1 1.1/2 T-12 TW-1 TA-1
4 41.3 1.5/8 T-13 TW-2 TA-2
5 44.5 1.3/4 T-14 TW-2 TA-2
6 47.6 1.7/8 T-15 TW-2 TA-2
7 51.4 2 T-16 TW-2 TA-2
8 54.0 2.1/8 T-17 TW-2 TA-2
9 57.1 2.1/4 T-18 TW-3 TA-3
10 63.5 2.1/2 T-20 TW-3 TA-3
11 70.0 2.3/4 T-22 TW-4 TA-4
12 76.2 3 T-24 TW-4 TA-4
13 82.5 3.1/4 T-26 TW-5 TA-5
14 88.9 3.1/2 T-28 TW-5 TA-5
15 95.2 3.3/4 T-30 TW-6 TA-6
16 101.6 4 T-32 TW-6 TA-6

Note : We also manufacture following type Tool Head Cutters:

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